Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lord Change Me

Lord Change Me
by David Munn

I was at the Apostolic Man Conference in New Stanton, PA this weekend, and before the first service there was a time of prayer.
It was during this time of prayer, that I received what I am going to post here in this blog.
Many times when I pray, I pray out of my spirit, not really premeditated thought. Not weighing each word carefully, just speaking from the heart, as if it somehow bypasses my brain.
During this time of prayer, I heard myself praying, "Lord change me."
It was almost as if God made me hear it,
the way He heard it, and I had to stop.
And repeat it. And think about it.

Wait a minute, I said to myself. Do I really mean that?

What if the Lord asked me to change some things?
To give up some things?
To add some things?

Is this a prayer that I recognize the consequences of?
Do I really want to be changed?
What will change look like?

Lord change me, but not in any ways that will require anything of me.
 Is that what I mean?
Or is it just vain rambling words that have no weight or meaning?
Change me how?

Change requires sacrifice, and who wants to do that?
UNLESS, your desperate, and hungry enough to do ANYTHING, to be more like Him, to feel His presence, to be used, to go to a deeper level.
Are you at that place?
Am I?
Or am I just saying things that I think He wants to hear, and that makes me feel good.
Like I'm saying/doing what He wants me too.
Lip service.
So many words.
But where is my heart?

Would I be ready to lay it down, sacrifice and obey.....or am I really just kind of comfortable with where I'm at?

I'm reminded of James and John, who wanted to sit, one on the right and one on the left of Jesus.......
and Jesus' answer to them wasn't a yes or no answer.
His response was....."Are you able?" "Can you?"
I'd like to think that what He was really asking them was "Are you willing?"
Are we?
Am I?
There is no telling how close we could get to God, and how much God could use us.....if we were truely willing.

If you want to draw close, you have to pay the price.
Front row seats always cost more
than the nose-bleed sections.
Some of us are here for the show, to watch,
and others want back-stage passes.
Access to the band.
Access to the Man.
But it comes at a price.

If any man wants to follow me..... let him first (not somewhere along the journey) deny himself. Ouch!
Take up his cross. Ow!
And follow Me.
How good are we at following?
It requires keeping Him in sight at ALL times.
(Like the Elijah and Elisha story)

Lord change me.
We expect God to do for us, what we are not willing to do for ourselves.....or Him.

We really do need to change.
Don't we?
Don't you?

What are we not willing to change?
If anything comes to mind.....your not ready.

What are we willing to change?
If your answer is anything...if your answer is everything....
Get ready.
Change is coming.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

So you think we're a cult?

It's not really big news that people consider us a cult....lots of people have...

Bro. Bernard addresses that issue here in this youtube clip: 

You see when you say that JESUS is THE way, THE truth, THE life, and that NO man can get to heaven except through Him, because He is THE door, and anyone who even tries to come another way is a thief and a other words not legitiment and trying to break in...when you say that, that messes with ALOT of people that don't believe that.

Contrary to popular belief you cant just believe anything you want to , and live anyway you want to, and do any old thing you want to, and still get into heaven.

 Narrow is the path and strait is the gate and few there be that find it.

 So in order for "others" who aren't willing to believe the truth, not willing to pay the price, to feel better about themselves for not obeying THE truth, they have to discredit you .

Did the world love Jesus? NO, and it still doesn't.

 The Bible says it you refuse THE truth..God will send you a strong delusion so that you'll believe a lie.
 I would never take a backsliders (someone who knew the truth and walked away) advise about the state of our church.

 The world HATED Jesus and his disciples and followers. They tortured them, killed them, persecuted them, fed them to lions, burned them at the stake....and believe it or not ...they still do.
 just look at ( ).

Jesus went so far as to say "blessed are you when men shall revile and spit on you"......KNOW what you believe and in WHO you believe and dont back down because Satan has his imps "in people shape" trying to bring you down.
 Jesus always had his haters, and so will you.