Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Costumes, Masks, and Make-Up

Costumes, Masks & Make-Up
by David Munn

I was thinking this morning, that a lot of people went out over the last few days or weeks, and purchased costumes and masks, and make-up, and went door to door trying to get people to give them some candy.
 Some people may have even gone overboard, trying to impress others with their creativity, and how “different” from what they really are, they could make themselves look.


For some sort of acknowledgement, maybe a prize, and even some goodies.


For some people, every Sunday morning is that way.

(Not just on Halloween Sunday.)

Let me get some nice clothes, look the part, smile,

and like some masquerade ball,

we’ll never be able to figure out who is really beneath that costume and mask.

And maybe if I’m good enough,

I’ll get some candy, or God will bless me,

even though I know it’s just a show.

And then the next morning we wake up and put on another costume and mask and go to work, and look and act totally different.

God is not happy with just the Sunday you, just part of you; He wants to set you free from the costumes and masks. He wants the real, genuine you.

He won’t be satisfied with less.