Wednesday, June 16, 2010


by David Munn

I was at the church praying tonight,
 and as usual,
 if you give the Lord a half a second of undivided attention, He's likely to give you something.
Give and it shall be given kind of a thing.
But thats for another blog.

As I was praying I began thinking about
 the cross.
The beating. The bruising. The piercing.
The humiliation. The agony. The blood.
That's when the thought came to me,
 Jesus was hard-core.
He was not playing,
and He was not complaining.
He was dead serious.
Racked with pain, but filled with love.
For me.
I began praying
"Thank you Jesus, for dying for me.
What else is there to say?
What else is there to do?
You said it, and You showed it.
You backed up your words with action
Thank you. I can't say it enough."

Words don't give it justice,
when you are picturing yourself at the foot of the cross.

I'm reminded of something I read that said
 "Show me your scars. You cannot have followed far,
you who have no scars."

There is nothing like gazing upon the supreme sacrifice to shine a light on my lazy little Christian walk.

I want to be hard-core like my master.
Full of love. Understanding the cost.
Able to shed some tears, 
but not afraid to shed some blood too.

Hard-core Christians....there's a thought.
Seen any lately?


WifeyPoo said...

So very very true and yet not the most popular way to look at it. It's not all fun, blessings and giggles to think of how He lived, died and expects us to be. Thank you for sharing yet another thought provoking blog. Love you!

Justin Boling said...

AMEN! Jesus was willing to give it all, yet we're afraid to be called a bad name for following Him...