Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Asking Price

The asking price. Nobody wants to pay it. We have become accustomed to getting everything for less than the full value. If we can't get it on sale or if we don't have a coupon, chances are we'll pass. Doesn't matter if it's shoes or shampoo. "What's the best price?" or "What's the lowest you'll take for it?", have become common questions. It has become so prevalent that sellers intentionally mark up their item just so you'll feel good about buying at a perceived less price.

Here's my point. God has an asking price. He wants it all. Everything. All too often we walk away sad like the rich young ruler who came to Jesus asking what he had to do to inherit eternal life. Jesus' answer was "Go, sell all that you have and give it to the poor, and come follow me." You might say, "well that's a pretty steep price". But look at what the young man was asking for. Eternal Life. Is temporary riches more valuable than permanent life? Jesus was essentially inviting him to become the 13th disciple. "Come follow Me". The Bible says Jesus was grieved when the young man walked away, because He loved him.

What in the world do we value more than heaven? More than walking with Jesus? More than being His disciple?

At one point Jesus, who was used to being thronged by crowds of thousands, watched as everybody left, the price He was asking was to great. Then He looked at His 12 disciples and asked them this question, "Will you also go away?". My question to you is this, "Are you willing to pay the asking price?" Or are you looking for a cheaper version? Something that will cost you less?

That was one of the temptations of Christ. "Just bow to me", the devil said, "and you can have it all". It's the temptation that we all face. Do we want it all, or will we be willing to give our all?

Jesus was never one to glorify following Him as a life of ease. He told one "The foxes have holes, the birds have nests, but I don't have a place to lay My head." You still want to come? This is a far different doctrine than one you will hear in most churches today. The Cross? Anyone hear about the Cross? It's where Jesus gave His all! It wasn't a life of prosperity, cars, and homes. Jesus said "If any man does not deny himself, and take up the cross, and follow me, he cannot be My disciple".

You are being summoned by God, "Come follow Me".

Are you willing to pay the price?

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