Friday, January 20, 2012

Have You Ever?

Am I alone, or have you ever had an awkward moment where you felt like you needed to say something, defend someone, and didn't because you didn't want to be disruptive and didn't think it was the right time and place?

And have you ever gone to someone in confidence, only to find out that it was betrayed, and now people are talking about you?

And have you ever gotten bold, telling people what they should do, and not do, when really it isn't any concern of yours, and things far worse have happened in your own home?

Have you ever passed judgment on someone without mentioning their name, even though everyone knew who you were talking about, and the person wasn't even in the room?

Have you ever tried to stand up for someone and were cast the evil eye because people didn't want to hear an opposing view to their own?

Is it possible that you have ever been wrong, or given bad advice, or maybe didn't understand fully the plan of God in your own life, let alone someone else's?

Have you ever caused discouragement, when someone came to you for encouragement?

Have you ever spoken for God, before even consulting Him?

Have you ever felt you had to choose sides, in a matter that didn't even pertain to you?

Have you ever felt that a choice for your own happiness would leave others feeling disappointed in you?

Have you ever wished that people would just love you instead of trying to cram you into their little "perfect Christian" box?

Have you ever had the feeling that people don't care about you, and have had to fight the urge not to care about them back?

Have you ever had to put things into question form, even though you knew the answers?


Melissa M. said...

Very well said! Thank you for sharing!

islandminister said...

I really like this one, David! And yes, I have ever.

Krissy♥ said...

Wow. Very convicting! Thank you for putting into perspective. I think we've all done these things.

Justin Boling said...

yes sir! Been their, done that, and thank God for His Grace! :)
Awesome post that speaks right to the church folk about where we need to examine ourselves