Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Are We Not Moving?

It doesnt matter what kind of car you have.
 If its a Ford or a Ferrari.
 We all depend on one thing when we get in the car
 and turn the ignition. 
A spark.
 If theres no spark,
you may look nice sitting there,
 but your not going anywhere.
Your car may have the best coverage insurance can buy,
 it may be the cleanest car in your neighborhood,
 it may be in wonderful condition,
 people going by may wish they had as nice a car as you....
but it needs a spark to start it.
 If you want to go places in need a spark.
You need some passion.
 You need the fire of the Holy Ghost
A lot of us may
 look good, smell good, dress good,
 and many people may think we have it all together.
 But if theres not that passion for God,
if theres not that..spark...
chances are we are gonna be sitting in the exact same spot as we are right now,
5 years from now. 
Continuing on using the car analogy,
suppose everything is in working order on your vehicle. You get in confidently as you do every morning,
 as you did yesterday,
 and turn the ignition,
 there's a spark, you can hear it, but it doesn't start.
 It tries too, but it just sputters out.
Your out of gas.
 Theres no gas for the spark to ignite.
 Again your stuck just sitting there.
 Not only do you need a spark, but you need to be combustible!
 Theres a proverb that says
 "where there's no wood, there the fire goeth out".
 Its not enough just to be on fire for God,
  you need to have something in you
 for the Holy Spirit to ignite.
 Many times we put things into our spirit man,
that we would never dream of putting into our gas tanks.
We figuratively pull into the  garbage dumps of life
and say "fill 'er up".
Then we wonder why
we arent performing at optimal levels.
We wonder why
 we're so often left stranded.
 If we want to go places in God,
 and we want to get there faster than we are now, 
we need to fill up on high octane spiritual stuff.
 So when the Spirit sets off a spark,
we'll ignite
 and be well on the road
 to where we ultimately want to be.

David Munn


WifeyPoo said...

WoW! That is a very powerful, relevant analogy! Once again I'm amazed at the awesome thoughts you have going on in your head. Thanks for sharing and blessing us with them!

tfrosti said...

Truly Amazing, Extraordinary & Mindblowing!!!! This is some Powerful stuff, Bro. Munn. I reposted it on my wall for you, Sir. Very Good, Sir. Send me a link to all of your blogs!!! I love it!!! =)

Richard said...

Fantastic Words, all true and inspiring. Something we should all think about. I am sharing it as well on my FB.