Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Coffee & Donuts
by David Munn 

I like my coffee hot, bold, and strong.
I put one heaping scoop of bold coffee
 for every cup I'm making.
8 cups, 8 scoops.
I work with guys that will fill the coffee pot
 with 12 cups of water,
and put 4 scoops of weak grounds in the filter.
 To me, thats disgusting! 
They say my coffee is like motor oil.
 They put creamer in the coffee I make
 and watch as it doesn't change color
 (until they stir it up). 
Thats how I like my coffee.
Piping hot and extra strong.
Thats also how I like my gospel.
Don't even bother to pass off some watered down,
 sickingly sweet swill.
If what I like is to strong for you, then so be it.
If it isn't bold, I don't buy it.
If the gospel you prefer doesnt make you sweat a little,
I'd suggest getting a little hotter and bolder kind.
I'm convinced that Jesus was bold.
I'm convinced that He made some people sweat.
 I'm sure some people got a little nervous around Him.
He was all about love,
but that love wasn't the "wishy washy mamby pamby"
 kind of love that is being passed around in churches today.
He was bold. He was strong.
He did not water down His message
 to make it more pallatable to the masses.
He was not afraid to speak the truth,
 even if it did make some people uncomfortable.
Take a look at the Bible,
 some people hate it,
 it's to bold, to confronting, to judgemental,
 not all inclusive....but it's also the truth.
 It also changes lives.
 And to those who love their gospel bold and strong,
 they would and have given their lives for it.

I like my donuts fresh, sweet and loaded with filling.
Stale donuts are the worst.
Pay the full price and get the fresh ones.
Few things are better
than getting a mouth full of delicious creamy donut filling.
Few things are worse
than expecting a mouth full of satisfyingly sweet filling,
 and all you get is air.
Dont you just hate it when you don't get
what you expected?
Have you ever been anticipating
 bavarian cream, or boston cream
and you bite into lemon cream?
Your lips and taste buds are awaiting sweet,
but what they get is sour.
Thats how some Christians are.
They give you the promise and expectation of sweet,
 but leave in your mouth the taste of bitter and sour.
You go to church wanting something fresh,
 something savory,
 something that has just gotten out of the oven.
 And in a lot of churches you get stale at best,
services and sermons.
You expect the service and the people to be full of the goodness of God.
And what you get is emptiness.
Where's the filling?
Where's the Spirit of God?
Where's the infilling of the Spirit?
Where is His sweet presence?
I like my donuts fresh, full, and sweet.
Thats also how I like my spirit.

Give me something bold, and give me something sweet.
That's how I like it.
The boldness of the gospel, and the sweetness of the Spirit.

"speak the truth....in love"


WifeyPoo said...

I had no idea where you would go with a title about coffee and donuts but of course it was awesome and relevant! Thanks for sharing with us!! You could have kept it for yourself but thanks for staying up late and typing it all out.

Krissy said...

Very few people make me feel little when they write... you're one of them. This was amazing! I never thought of it that way...