Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't Be Fooled

Once you've been exposed to the truth, something about a lie just won't feel right. 
It'll make you feel uneasy. Queezy even.

The preacher may get up behind the pulpit, the words may sound similar, but something will be off.
They may look Pastorly. They may sound Pastorly. But they are predators.
They are not shepherds, they are butchers.

You may be surrounded by church folk, they may worship like other church folk, but it won't seem right.
They may clap their hands, they may lift their hands, they may even raise their voice in praise. 
But it'll all seem a bit contrived.
Going through the motions.
Outward actions not affecting their heart.
The music may be great.
It may evoke a response.
It may even be easy to get caught up in the momentum.
The lights, the music, the excitement, the emotions. 
To the unsuspecting it may have the look and feel of "having church", 
but not to you. 

You've experienced the real.
You can sense a fake.

Have you ever seen a dancer do "the robot"?
I've seen some whose bodies were painted painted metallic gold or silver.
They train their limbs, joints, and sockets to do the herky jerk, and the way they sway, pop, and maneuver, you'd think they were actual robots.
Only they aren't.
They just appear to be.
They have gotten the motions and movements down pat.
That's how some "churches" and "saints" are.
And the devil is perfectly fine with that. 

God is seeking those that will worship Him in Spirit, and in Truth.
Don't be fooled into believing a lie.
Don't be fooled into believing a feeling, an emotion.
Don't settle for anything less than the Spirit of God.
Don't settle for anything less than the Truth.

There are many deceptive ways that the devil will try to deceive you.
Some of them are blatant temptations.
Some of them look like angels, church, preachers, truth.
That is why you need to know, for yourself, through prayer and Bible study, what truth is.
The Bible speaks of those who will creep in among you, false prophets, deceiving even the very elect.
Grievous, ravenous, savage wolves that appear as sheep, but whose purpose is to destroy the flock.
Their demonic goal is to lure you away from the truth, until you can't tell the difference between the truth and a lie.
Then they (the demonic influence), can take you out and have their way with you, at their will.
You will be susceptible to every wind of doctrine, tossed to and fro.
And you will never know.
Because on the surface, they look like they are for you. On your side.
Like angels and sheep.
Beware when some one make you question what the Bible says.
What God said.
That was the serpents first ploy with Eve.

If it looks kinda right.
Sounds kinda right.
Feels kinda right.

Once you've been exposed to the Glory of God, basked in His presence, felt His Spirit, taken on His name, heard the truth, a counterfeit "experience" pales in comparison.

You need to love the truth.
Search it out.
Believe it.
Live it. 
Obey it.
Don't give it up for anything.

It's when you willingly reject the truth, that you start believing a lie.
Because you want to. 
It's easier.
Sounds better.
But in the end you pay the price with your soul.

If the devil tried to trip Jesus up by tempting him with twisted scriptures, don't think he wont attempt the same thing with you. 
And he doesn't come with a pitch fork and a pointed tail.
These three words are what Jesus used to defeat Satan, "It is written".
You better know what the Bible says.

Now is not the time to settle back in your easy chair.
The devil wants to "steal the word" that was planted in you.
Choke it out, by the "cares of this world", or by the "pleasures of sin", or by getting you to embrace blatant false doctrine.

"They have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof,
 from such turn away".

Have you ever tried to watch a TV channel and the signal wasn't strong, and the picture was distorted, fuzzy, and in and out.
Have you ever tried to listen to a radio station and the reception was bad, and it was full of static, and you kept turning the dial back and forth.
In life we allow things to interfere with our reception. 
We get a weak spiritual signal because we allow dark clouds to come between us and our source.
Scanning the dial or changing the channel wont help.
We need to lock our dial in on God.
Tune in to His frequency.
Hear His voice.
The rest is just static.
Distracting noise.

Stay pure. 
Stay clean.
Stay holy.
Stay undefiled.
Stay free from sin.

Get in the Light.
Stay in the Light.
Shine the Light.
Draw near to God.
Don't give up.
Don't let up.
Don't back down.
Don't turn around.
Embrace the truth.
Fight the good fight.
Keep the faith.

If the truth isn't changing you,
isn't affecting your daily life,
isn't taking root in your spirit, 
isn't making you draw closer to Jesus and further from sin and a sinful lifestyle, maybe what you're being exposed to isn't the truth.
Or it is, and you're rejecting it.
You'll know the difference.

Don't be fooled by or settle for a cheap imitation.

Jesus said, "Take heed, lest ye be deceived".

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