Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Inching Along

Today I took my three girls out for a walk.
We ended up sitting on a bench by a stream.
My two youngest girls were throwing rocks in the water, and squealing at the splashes.
"Did you see that Daddy?!"
My oldest daughter and I were chilling on the bench,
just watching the girls and chatting. 
I felt a little tickle on my hand.
I looked and there was this baby inchworm just doing its little "inch squiggle" thing, on its way up my hand.
I showed my daughter, and she thought that was just the coolest thing.
It was the smallest inchworm either of us had seen.
I was telling her how it actually was tickling my hand, so of course she wanted to feel it too.
I told her to put her finger in front of it, and sure enough, little wormy  hopped right on her finger.
Of course, by that time we had the attention of the smaller girls as well.
We were all mesmerized at the little movements of the worm.
It would do a step, step, lift up it's little body to look around and survey the landscape,
then step, step, and repeat. 
We needed to get back, and I said, "Who do you think can get to the house first?".
The two little ones take off full speed.
The smallest one soon got discouraged,
because she wasn't as fast as her sister.
I said, "Look, me and your sister (the one holding the inchworm) are behind you".
"Actually, the inchworm is ahead of me!", the oldest daughter said,
as she was holding her arm out in front of her.
My mind flashed to the thoughts of the inchworm.
Here he was, inching along.
So small.
Thinking he was making no progress.
When in all actuality he was moving at human speed.
Moving much faster than he could ever imagine.
I thought, isn't that exactly how we are.
We tend to take a step.
Look around.
Take another step.
Seemingly not covering much ground.
Not getting much closer to our goal.
When all the while, if we are in God's hand, we are moving at God speed.
We are tickling God with our steady progress.
The angels and the "great cloud of witnesses" are gathering around watching us and cheering us on.
Don't think because you are small that you can't go places.
Stay in God's hand.
He'll take you where you need to go.
He will provide for you. He delights in you. You bring Him much joy.
Don't stop. Take the next step.
Don't get discouraged by what seems to be a lack of progress.
Just keep inching along.

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